Bluebell woods, Sussex

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One year. One WHOLE year today since I found out I have cancer. A year since I was doodling about at home alone, day six of a seven day self-isolation, itching to get back to work and help with Covid, when my phone rang. My GP telling me I had cancer, likely metastatic melanoma. It’sContinue reading “ONE YEAR CANCER-VERSARY”

NHS: Part Two

It is the next day, April 2020. It has been 36 hours since my operation. Today, my brother is coming to collect me and drive me 150 miles to his house. I am getting ready. Washed and got dressed without falling over: check. Nurse has kindly put my shoes and socks on (I can’t bendContinue reading “NHS: Part Two”

Not Done

Poetry with Goats is a project I started a few days after I got my first diagnosis back in March 2020. I volunteer to help look after goats in a woodland and, in the first lockdown, it seemed the, erm, obvious thing to do to read poetry to them. I may have just had aContinue reading “Not Done”

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